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«Solidarity in Action» is an independent organization, providing urgently needed goods to communities and individuals in Ukraine. We came together to deliver aid to Ukrainian civilians and those defending their land and people.

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About Us

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We are a group of friends from Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, the UK, and other countries all over the world. We met about 10 years ago while living together and building an ecological community center in central Ukraine. We share years of mutual cooperation, friendship,and professional relationships. Now we’re doing all we can to save the lives of our friends in Ukraine.

Why Solidarity in Action?

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Well-established logistics

Thanks to our vast networks across Europe and Ukraine, we deliver aid to the areas most affected by the war and are even able to reach towns and villages directly under attack.

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Covering the most
pressing needs

We receive precise
requests from our friends and communities in hot spots and know
their exact needs.

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No bureaucracy

We act faster than most of the big organizations and don't have any red tape. All funds received directly contribute to our work in Ukraine, without delays from in-house processes or overhead costs.

About us
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Our team 

 in alphabetical order

How we work

We directly support individuals, hospitals and defenders in Ukraine.

Providing medical supply to hospitals and individuals

We are in direct contact with hospitals in the Poltava region, Kyiv, and East Ukraine and support them with large scale deliveries of urgently needed medical supplies, such as infusion kits, surgical equipment, dressings, syringes, and medicines.
We also respond to individual medical needs and deliver cancer drugs, antibiotics, contraceptives, and medicines for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as thyroid medication.


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Supporting the Ukrainian Defenders

Some of our friends from Kharkiv, Kyiv, and smaller Ukrainian towns joined the Territorial Defense Forces and are in dire need of medical supplies and first aid tools, personal protective equipment, and very basic items, such as flashlights.

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How we work

What we’ve already delivered

Since late February, we have already delivered:​

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Medical supplies for hospitals and individuals: infusion kits, bandages, pain medication, medication for children, cancer drugs, contraceptives, medication for NCDs, first aid kits, special combat bandages, antibiotics, emergency haemostatic agents like Celox, and medical turnstiles.

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Protective equipment bulletproof vests, helmets, gas masks, knee and elbow pads, active headphones, safety goggles, and safety gloves.

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Other equipment: hand torches, communication systems, power banks, GPS watches, electric generators, cars, etc.

Thank You!

How you can help


Your donations enable a fast and safe
delivery of life-saving supplies to the regions most
affected by the war.

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Spread the word

You can also help by sharing our website, Facebook and Instagram channel, so that more people can learn about our work and how to support the people of Ukraine. Click belwo to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Paypal charges a fee of 1.5% + 0.35 EUR. This is paid by Solidarity in Action. If you donate via bank transfer, there are no fees for us. 

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Bank transfer

Solidarity in Action 
IBAN: DE08 430609671281657600
GLS Bank





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